Thursday 28 June 2012

Sailed away to a warmer world!

Sorry dear blog friends, I have been away from here too long!  All the rainy, non-summery weather we have been having lately pushed my fiance and I to go on a very spur of the moment trip to the coast of Turkey!  We booked on the Thursday and were off on Saturday.  It was glorious to see the sunshine but my goodness it was HOT, around 40c, so I went from shivering to melting!  I spent a lot of my time  relaxing in the Sea, oh what a beautiful crystal clear Sea it was with a fabulous greeny blue hue. There were beautiful fish swimming alongside me and majestic (and oh so expensive) Sailing Yachts floating by in the distance!  I thought the fish were fabulous until the last day as I felt one nibble my foot rather enthusiastically!  I'm sure the people on the beach, fiance included, thought it was very amusing seeing me jump up in the water in shock! No damage to my foot, just my pride ;-)

The rest of the time I sat in the sun and shade of a parasol writing ideas and thoughts for new projects!  I have lots of thrilling news to share, including a brand new product range that I am loving, it is really coming together and oh so nearly ready to share.  Do come back very soon, I'm planning some exciting times ahead for my business and most of all for all of you!

In the meantime, for those feeling rather sunshine deprived I hope these photos will sail you away for a while.  Catherine x


Kristin_Texas said...

Oh, how beautiful! I miss the water. It's so relaxing. I haven't even been to the beach in something like 10 years.


Vicki Boster said...

Catherine your photos are stunning -- that water is beautiful! Where did you go in Turkey? I am glad that you had a wonderful vacation -- hope we get to see more pictures!


Georgianna said...

How very gorgeous and inviting, Catherine! I'm so glad you got a dose of sunshine. Sounds like a lovely getaway and how fun to do it on the spur of the moment.

Here we are finally having some sun, too. Enjoying every second of it!

xo g

Tracy said...

Oh, how glorious... you can feel the warm and sunshine through these photos! The waves are inviting...mmm...What is all of those purple flowers, is that bougainvillea? So glad you had a sweet getaway, Catherine! It's not been much of a summer here in Norway either so far--often rainy & dull, and not warm always either. Hoping July will shape up! ;o) VERY exciting about your new business adventures-can't wait to see! ((HUGS))

m said...

Oh that looks stunning and just what I need :O) I wish. For now the pictures will have to do. Hope you had a lovely holiday

...Nina Nixon... said...

'Oh' I wish - that looks so lovely...and relaxing *big sigh*

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

June said...

Oh so beautiful Catherine! It looks like a gorgeous place to get away from the rain and cool weather.

I'm glad the fish only wanted to nibble and not eat you up!
I can hardly wait to see what you are up to next. I already know it will be!
hugs from here...

Anonymous said...

How beautiful it is there, Catherine! Such a lovely trip - thanks for bringing us along with you! :)

Kayzy said...

Beautiful pictures - I almost feel a little warmer, just looking at them. Looking forward to seeing your new creations, too.