Sunday 16 March 2008

Milo the Dreamer

Well, here is the blue bear I've been talking about -

Milo is a dreamer, he lives with his head in the clouds imagining far away lands full of wonderous sights. If he's not busy day dreaming you will find him with his head in a book, he tells the other bears that these books whisk him away to magical worlds. Milo is a bear with a sweet nievity that sees the brightness in everything around him, a characterisitc that soon rubs off on those around him. He was brought to life with a unique hand dyed soft as clouds mohair, the colour is a handsome powder soft blue as if gently faded with a life time of dreaming. I made his silk ruff around his neck and hand dyed it in soft shades of blues and violets.

He is 15.5" and available for adoption right now from my website - - just click on his photo on my site for all his photos and info.

Signing off from a very rainy Belgium! Hugs, Catherine x


Unknown said...

Just so lovely, he captures the heart! I love the picture of the real bears too.

Bumpkin Hill said...

Thanks Susie, Milo has been adopted by a lovely lady in the States, so I know he'll have a special new home. I always get attached to my bears so this means a lot!! Catherine x