Monday 17 March 2008

Softies Easter Parade!

Do pop along to Lisa's Softies Easter Parade, you can vote for your favourites in the different sections - My little ted and Chick set (Sprite and Chirpie) are in the Hot Chicks part of the parade - do pop along for all sorts of Eastery wonders :)

click here to visit the Parade


Jannett said...

Hi Catherine.... I love your site..Your Bears are amazing...I will be visiting your site again to see what you have created... :)

Clothmatters said...

Hi Catherine! Thank you for your lovely comments you left on my blog. I have to say you are one incredible teddy bear artist. Every bear you created is adorable! I will bookmark your blog so I can visit again. P.S. Your bear and chick are so precious for Lisa Thoms Easter Parade. Go number 16!


mushroommeadows said...

hey, I love Milo in your previous post!!! He looks kinda like he has a tad bit of koala in him. CUTE!

Bumpkin Hill said...

thanks for all your kind words :) Mushroommeadows, funnily enough I actually thought the same about Milo once I had created him, I think it must be his nose :) He is now heading off to a new Mum in the States. Hugs, Catherine x