Thursday 25 March 2010


Finally after a long Winter Spring has shown it's sunny face! The birds are busy chirping in the garden, I've put up a new bird box for them and within 5 minutes the Blue Tits were already checking out their new home! I saw the first ladybird of the season and spotted this very sleepy Bumble Bee diving head first into the pollen! If you click on the photos you can see the pollen all over him! A week ago I was so excited to see the first daffodil unfurling and now the garden is full! Must get out with my camera!

If you want to stroll through my garden a bit more, just click on the garden label at the end of this post. Back soon, Hugs, Catherine x


SE'LAH... said...

That shot of the bee buried in the flower is absolutely gorgeous. Love these captures of nature.

Happy Spring.
one love.

Tracy said...

The magic of springtime... breathtaking, Catherine! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty unfolding there... Hope you are doing well. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

Charlotte said...

I love the new banner Catherine.

Little lamb looks curious and cute, and the wheelbarrow is a great idea.

Must start pushing the gardening on my website.


Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos Catherine!

The daffodils are all out in our garden and have been for a while. We must be a bit ahead of you ;)

Hugs, Sarah x

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Your garden is looking beautiful !

Wendster said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it.

I love the photos of liberty too!!! So amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi Catherine!
Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland has arrived! I'm so happy to call you new blogger friend! Come on over when you have time to the Dollyopoly board. You'll be rolling the dice tomorrow! Your blog is beautiful and magical...I will return for sure!